iTunes Gift Cards

For Christmas I received an iTunes gift card.  There is nothing particularly different with that.  But, when I went to redeem that card I was confronted with the option to use my webcam to scan the code on the card.  No, not a QR code.  No, not a bar code.  Just some text on the back of the card.  I think, “why not?!”  I clicked the button and barely held my card up to the camera and boom it recognized the code and redeemed my gift card.  The card was barely in the frame of the camera for a second and it already recognized the text on the card!  This blew my mind.  I am used to text recognition taking forever.  I have tried QR readers and Barcode readers using webcams in the past.  They are horrible.  You have to sit there and reposition the code until it is just right.  And, that is if you can even get the computer to recognize the code.  This solution is so elegant and fast.  Apple needs to license their breakthrough in this technology so that it can be used everywhere!

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