A few weeks ago I saw a great deal on the basic kindle.  So, I thought I may as well buy one and see how I like it.  I had started reading a few books lately and thought it would be a nice way to read books without getting physical books.  So, I bought one and waited for it to arrive.

The day it arrived I opened up the awesome packaging from Amazon.  There is just a plain cardboard box the perfect size to fit the kindle inside.  My brother ordered a DVD the same day and the kindle box was smaller than the DVD box!  This is the way all packaging should be.  No extra plastic, no wasted packing material, no hassle.  Then I took the kindle out, turned it on and downloaded a book.  This was simple enough, just enter the wireless password and pick out a book.  I was already an Amazon Prime subscriber, so I picked one of the free Lending Library books.  It downloaded in seconds and I started reading.  And, I found that I enjoy reading so much more on the kindle than an actual book.  In my opinion, this is the perfect replacement to paper books.

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