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This issue has finally been resolved.  Thank you to those who actually did something about.

I don’t usually like think about negatives experiences for very long, but this one has gone on for so long that I feel the need to share it.

About a month and a half ago we switched to Sprint for our cell phones.  We were with Alltell, now Verizon and were fairly satisfied, but they no longer offered free “feature phones” and the plans similar to what we had were more expensive.  After visiting Sprint we saw that they had free phones.  We talked to one of the employees there.  My mom looked up my dad’s employee discount with Sprint and saw that there were no activation fees if phones were purchased online, and additional discounts were available in the store.  The employee looked it up to see if there were any activation fees in the store.  She came back and said that there would be no activation fees if the phones were purchased in the store, either.  So, we discussed it some and decided to make the switch to Sprint.

We sign up for the plan and buy four phones.  Everything seems to go fine the day of the purchase.

Several days later we receive an email from one of the employees that helped us during the purchase of the phones sent to one of his supervisors.  The email stated that he had trouble waiving the activation fee during the signup process and that was a large contributing factor to our switch to Sprint.  He was wondering what to do about it.  So, we waited until our first bill to see what would be done about it (give them some time to figure things out).  The first bill arrived and sure enough there was an activation fee on the bill.  My mom called the Sprint store to have the issue resolved.  The employee said she would look into the issue, get it resolved and let us know when she was finished.  Several days pass and no return call.  She called again and got a similar response.  She waited a while longer and still no response.  She called again and spoke to the other person that helped us during our sign up process.  He said that when purchasing phones you should not go through a manager because they do not know all of the policies and procedures involved with the process.  He also said that he had the other employee (the assistant manager) show him why she thought it said the activation fees would be waived.  It turns out she looked at the wrong thing and the activation fee should not have been waived.  But, she clearly stated during the sign up process that it would be waived.  So they said they would talk to their superiors and have something done about it and get back to us.  Several days passed and still no response.

So, my mom calls the Sprint 800 number to talk to someone else.  She talks to the first person, tells them the whole story and then is transferred to a supervisor.  She repeats the whole story and the supervisor says she needs to speak to her superior.  She then says that she is going to call the Sprint store to talk to the person we worked with.  The Sprint rep calls back and says the employee in the store did not recall the conversation.  She then asks if my mom has any proof of the fact that they said the activation fees would be waived.  My mom tells her about the email we received.  The Sprint employee on the phones asks if my mom could fax her the email.  My mom says that she does not have a fax machine and asks if she could email it instead.  But, the employee says it would need to be faxed.  I heard this and said that I could fax it.  So, she agrees to fax the email and the Sprint employee says she will get back to my mom on Sunday since she is off the following two days.  Sunday comes and goes and still no response.

So, my mom calls again and asks to speak to this same person so she does not have to go through the whole story again.  For some reason they do no transfer her to the same person, but she talks to another employee who she tells the whole story again.  This person again says they will call the store and speak to the employee we worked with.  This time she said that she took my mom’s word that the activation fee would be waived, but that is not what happened.  And, my mom is still talking to that person as I write this.  As far as I know the phone call did not result in any change.  Let’s see if Sprint will stick behind one of their employees word and make things right or continue this run around for even longer wasting more of everyone’s time.  Come on Sprint, step up and do what is right.

Oh, and while we were in the store one of the times we heard another lady come into the store saying almost exactly the same thing.  She said that when she purchased the phone she was told there would not be an activation charge, but it showed up on her bill.  Unfortunately, we did not hear the outcome of this conversation, but it just goes to prove that there is something going on here.

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