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Facebook Timeline

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

A couple of days ago I used the Facebook Developer method to get early access to the new Facebook timeline view of my profile page.  My immediate response was that I kind of like it.

After a couple of days thinking about it, it really changes the way that I view Facebook.  Up to this point it has simply been a way to communicate with friends and to share some things about yourself on your profile.  Timeline transforms Facebook into a history of a person.  It moves the focus from that basic information that you choose to put on your profile to the content that you share on Facebook.  I think this changes Facebook from how you want people to perceive you and puts more focus on the relationships and social aspects of the site.  Sure, we have always had the wall, but that only showed part of what Facebook was about.

Timeline really takes all of the aspects that we have come to know and love on Facebook and provides a summary of a person.  Looking at a few of my friend’s timelines, it makes you realize how much or how little you use Facebook.  It also makes you realize how much of your personal lives and information is shared on Facebook.  As I was looking at the timelines, I was thinking…  this is kind of like what a photo album used to be.  It presents the highlights of your life in a form that you can share with others.  Now, the question is, will this hold the test of time like photo albums do?

- Zach