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First Social Engineering Mac Virus

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

For anyone who doesn’t know already, the first virus created to trick people into purchasing a fake antivirus for the mac has appeared in the wild a few weeks ago.  These type of viruses have taken over many Windows computers in the past.  I have had numerous calls seeking my assistance in removing these type of things.  But, now OS X users have to be aware of these things as well.  In general, don’t download and install software unless you specifically go out and find it or you are installing a update for a program that you know you use.  And always be aware of where you are entering your credit card information.  It is pretty rare that you enter your credit card information while installing a program.  Most legitimate does not say pay use this much to clean up your computer.  And, if you are unsure about something type the name of it into Google and you will most likely find whether it is legitimate or not.

More Info about Mac Defender

- Zach