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A new feature of Google Voice

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

It looks like Google has now added support for Google Chat in Google Voice!  So, I can now use my Google Voice number to call any phone in the US or Canada for completely free.  I can also now receive calls to my Google Voice number using Google Chat.  This is exactly what I wanted when I first heard about Google Voice.  Thank you Google!

Oh and a suggestion, let us make corrections to your auto generated voice mail transcripts.  I would happily do this if it meant the transcriptions would improve.


More good customer support

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

A few days ago I ordered some ink from Amazon sold by SophiaGlobal.  I received the shipment from Amazon a couple of days later.  The first cartridge that I put in my printer wasn’t recognized by the printer.  So, I tried another and it worked just fine.  So, I figured I would report the problem.  I went to the Amazon order page and looked for the contact seller button, clicked it and told them about the problem I had.  Amazon responded in less than an hour and said they would allow me to return the product or they would credit 20% for the defective cartridge.  I accepted the 20% refund and was satisfied with how they handled the problem.  So, I left a review of the seller and explained my experience.  Since I wasn’t sure of the quality of the cartridges, besides the 2 that I used, I left a three star review.  Shortly after that the seller emailed me and said that they shipped a replacement for the defective order and asked me to reconsider my review.  A couple of days later I received a box, inside was a white box wrapped in a ribbon and a note.  The note apologized for the defective cartridge and stated that the product is generally high quality, but occasionally some are defective.  Inside the box, wrapped in tissue paper was a replacement set of cartridges.  Not just the one defective one, but a whole set.  Oh, and some candy!

- Zach