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A Testament to Support Departments

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

You always hear horror storied about companie’s support departments.¬† Well, in the last couple of weeks I have had two good experiences.

1) I have a pair of Shure e2c earbuds.¬† They have broken 3 times.¬† Something always goes wrong with one of the wires.¬† Once the insulation cracked and started to come off.¬† The other two times something happened inside the cord that caused the earbud to go on and off when the wire was moved around.¬† All three times Shure’s service department has been very helpful.¬† You send in the earbuds and they send you a new pair to replace the broken ones.¬† This time they are sending the newer model because I was tired of having to continue to send them back.¬† Hopefully the new model has a better insulation on the cord.

2) I purchased a number of songs from the iTunes music store.¬† After purchasing them it turned out that I had already purchased one of the songs.¬† Once I received the bill I clicked on the link to report a problem.¬† I chose the option for “I already own this song” and submitted the report.¬† The next day they gave me a credit to get a different song.

Both of these experiences have been handled entirely by email and have been very good.  No waiting on the phone and relatively quick responses.