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Branding bars and frames…

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

I have recently noticed that a number of sites are moving all of their external links to a model where they put a branded bar across the top of the screen and then put the page in a frame below the bar.¬† I do not like this.¬† Here are the resons…¬† 1) I use NoScript on firefox.¬† NoScript by default blocks frames for a very good reason.¬† Frames allow for “click jacking” attacks.¬† So, everytime I click on a link on one of the sites I have to allow the site to load in a frame.¬† This is a pain.¬† 2) You no longer see the URL for the sit you are visiting in the address bar.¬† 3) Why should these sites be able to keep their branding on an external page?¬† 4) They use up more valuable space when you have a short screen.¬† Screens on laptops do not usually have very many lines of resolution, so this bar makes the area to view the site that much smaller.¬† Maybe it is just me, but I do not like these bars.

Places I have noticed them:,