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Tuesday, March 24th, 2009


An interesting thing happened to me today with Firefox on OSX and Google.  For some reason, only in Firefox a lot of the text on Google was missing.  The underlines indicating the links were still there, but all the text had vanished.  As far as I can tell Google was the only site affected, and it seems to have been only my computer.  Google looked fine on other computers at the same time.  Restarting Firefox fixed the problem.



Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

I was thinking about the idea of open wireless networks and why there wouldn’t be a way to have a “secure” open wireless network. This is my thought on how this could possibly be implemented. Would it not be possible for a wireless router to randomly generate WPA keys which were either sent to the end user’s computer and then used, or to have a SSL default page when joining the network that would display the key which if it was then used to connect to the network would allow secure, open access. Obviously, these random keys would only be valid for one connection. When you want to join the network again you would be then given a new random key. Also, the router would have to be implemented so that the local machines could not see each other, only the WAN port. Would this kind of a system work? If so, why haven’t we seen this type of thing out there? Or have I just not come across it? If anyone reading this knows of a system like this please send me a tweet (@tuds89) with information about it.

Edit: Apparently WPA implements some of the features that I mentioned.  With WPA each connection to the router is a unique secure session.  So, any traffic going between a computer and router is secured from all other computers.  However, shared network resources are still visible to all computers on the network.


New iPod Shuffle

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

I just heard about the new iPod Shuffle. It looks like a great idea. Smaller than ever, simpler than ever, but useless to me (I think). You have to use the Apple earbuds in order for the thing to function in any usable manner. I hate the apple earbuds, so I guess I won’t be getting one. Even if they come out with an adapter to use with normal headphones it would still be inconvenient and not something I would use. But, I guess that is Apple for you. Make a product that it proprietary to their own accessories, but make it a great design. It’s a great little player, but only if you want to use the Apple earbuds. I’ll stick with the larger versions.


Sumobot Preliminaries

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Our Intro to Robotics class had our Preliminary round of our sumobot competition yesterday, March 10.  You can watch the video to see how everything played out.

Sumobot Preliminaries Spring 2009 from Zach Tudahl on Vimeo.